Charley Boorman: By Any Means

Charley Boorman riding with his camera equipment

By Any Means

Charley Boorman was eager to get back on a motorbike while travelling around the world for his show By Any Means, so when a Vietnam fixer suggested one of Explore Indochina’s 125cc Minsk motorbikes, he was a big YES from the get-go. All we had to do was head up to the border gate and wait for Charley and the crew to walk across from China.

All was easy peasy, as it’s a nice part of Vietnam with plenty of limestone karst, while Charley was super friendly and very chilled. The crew got their requisite 30 seconds in double quick time, so there was nothing to do but gobble up one of our great slap-up picnics and then blast it back to Hanoi. Charley and his mate Russ opted to ride their Minsks all the way, and once in Hanoi, Charlie went straight to the dentist to get his teeth checked, while Digby hit the pub with Russ, Charley’s producer, made famous as the guy who rolled the 4WD while filming A Long Way Round.

The Filming of 'Long Way Round'

Later the next night, it was straight back to the pub for plenty of gossip about what it was like filming A Long Way Round. Let’s just say there was lots of gossip; nothing like beers and banter with celebs!

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Charley Boorman riding with Explore Indochina

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