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Sue Perkins for the UK TV show, World's Most Dangerous Roads
For BBC: World's Most Dangerous Roads, we guided Sue Perkins and Liza Tarbuck down the original Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Rider Tour Experiences

Lyndsay and Margaret Read

I want to thank you, Digby for organising our ride through the north of Vietnam and for getting us through the tour all safe and in one piece.

What a great experience it was for us. The country has amazing views no matter where you look from.

As a female on the trip, it couldn’t have been better.

The riding was great for the times we were on the bikes.

The two drivers, Han and Lap, were fantastic. They were very accommodating to all of us girls, whether stopping for photos or taking us to a spot just to look at the views.

There was never a dull moment on the trip. This has been a very well-worth trip to your country, and we highly recommend it to anyone. We have some great photos for our memories. Thanks again.
Charley Boorman having fun at Rally Indochina while filming his awesome motorcycle TV show, Freedom Riders Asia

Charley Boorman

Next time, I’ll ride around the world on a Ural!

Thanks, Digby, for an excellent ride. Vietnam’s great!


Guys, the buzz of the Excellent Adventure is still with me every day.

I want to thank Kev for presenting the opportunity and Steve for being a terrific companion who didn’t believe we were Born Again Christians for one second. Also, to you guys for being there to answer our stupid email questions and, most of all, Digby, for being such a great leader and friend.

I’m coming back next November and dragging a bunch of overworked friends who NEED this trip to fix their heads.

Carlos Munro

How are you Digby? I hope everything is fine.

We are back in Valencia, the holidays finished and we came back to our jobs.

I attach some pictures of our trip. We had an amazing experience riding with you, it was the best part of our holidays and we will never forget.

Thank you for your help, hospitality and patience. We all miss you!!

Big hug from your Spanish friends!!

Lucy Hartiss

There’s no better way to see the real Vietnam than on the back of an Explore Indochina Ural motorbike.

The bikes, quirks aside, are big, reliable machines, and they’ll definitely get under your skin as you (literally) roar around Vietnam’s twisty mountain roads. We’ll never forget the smiles on the faces of the children and villagers as they waved at us riding by.

Digby, the guide, and his mechanic were deeply knowledgeable and brought a lot of history and insight into Vietnamese life to our trip. You get the impression these guys do this often, and you’d forgive them if it becomes a bit routine.

Ever helpful, we also really appreciated them tailoring the food ordered in advance to our tastes, as well as the regular stops on the road for coffee, cokes and photos!

Vietnam is a beautiful country, and these guys can give you a great, well-organised, and safe adventure. Beware of cheaper imitations; you really do get what you pay for.

Tom Schneider

On behalf of the group, I want to thank you, Digby, for organising the trip and congratulate your boys for getting us to great views, with sandwiches and fixing all mechanical problems!

We certainly had a great time!

Tony Bennet

I have to thank you, Digby, for a fantastic experience. It’s always interesting going on a trip with virtual strangers, but the group gelled incredibly well and you both helped in no small way to make that happen. Everyone has been asking about the trip, and I have been giving you a big wrap, so I guess you can expect to see a few more Aussies before too long. I feel that we were privileged to see Vietnam in a way few have had the opportunity.
It took me a couple of weeks to recover from the dreaded bug I picked up, but I think I can now say I am back to normal. Next time I come, I will drink litres of snake and dog bile wine because it kills the nasties!!
Thanks again for the photos and movie footage. I’ve edited Alan’s movie and thought you might like a copy.


If you like the taste of adventure and want to veer off the tourist-beaten track to experience the authentic Vietnamese culture and country, this five-day bike tour through the Northern mountains with Explore Indochina is a must!

As a team of seven largely inexperienced bikers, we arrived somewhat nervous in Hanoi to embark on our 5-day adventure. All anxieties were quickly forgotten, and without fail, we all hugely enjoyed an exhilarating journey to Sapa – negotiating landslides, dodging all manner of animal life both day and night, crossing rivers by bamboo raft or nothing less than an Indiana Jones-style bridge as well as some excellent offroading. The evenings were just as enjoyable, with copious amounts of local lager, rice wine and delicious Vietnamese food!

It is true that the guides either make or break a holiday of this nature, and Digby was first class. He was fluent in Vietnamese and had a huge personality when we were invited into homes, and we shared unique moments with many ethnic minorities. This write-up wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the breathtaking scenery. A motorbike is the only way to get a genuine sense of this truly beautiful country, not to mention its remarkably friendly people.

Overall, it’s an awesome feeling of freedom compared to office/city life and a unique opportunity to venture off the tourist trails. Paying up front and not worrying about cash for five days is a pleasant change, too! Provided you are not too precious over dirt, sweat and basic accommodation, I guarantee this will be the best of your holidays.