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the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Phong Nha
Action Asia Magazine rode with us. They took a lot of interest in the the Ho Chi Minh Trail, information on which Digby happy to supply.


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Lauren Thollander

Just wanted to give you some feedback about our trip. It was GREAT!!!!

The guides were wonderful. They were helpful when needed and I felt very safe and comfortable with them. I loved the stir the bikes made at every stop, It wasn’t us, it was the bikes I’m sure. I told Wes I want to do another trip, maybe to Cambodia and Laos. The only thing that would have been better was if we had more days on the bikes.

Anyway your company gets a thumbs up from me and I’m passing the word on to one and all.


How’s life? Once again thank you for such a fun trip. Mark and I are still talking about it. I made you and Marcus a DVD of the trip. Also a couple of shirts for the two of you. Enjoy the read, Fear and Loathing reminds of you two.

Ernie Anderson

The trip was awesome. I’ve been raving about it back home and encouraging others to go. It’s nice to be back on my Harley with creature comforts such as an electric start, working pistons, etc and it took me a couple of days to get used to riding it again; but I must say those Minsks were a blast and have a ton of character! Thanks again for a great experience.

Jim Papandreas

Have missed the Urals since I got back to OZ . The rally was the highlight of the last few years. I enjoyed the ride immensely and will definitely be a repeat rider. As an Australian Vietnam war veteran I found the rally a superb way to see the north of Vietnam especially those areas where the Americans had such significant battles. It put the whole thing into perspective for me in dealing with the memories of the war.

Riding the Urals through these areas and concentrating on the road conditions was cathartic in itself and I would recommend it for all war veterans as the best way to go back to the funny farm. Riding through the mountain passes and the National Park was fantastic and the thunder run with a single Ural riding in parallel with a sidecar rig into Hoi An with flags flying, truly a buzz. I was delighted to meet another veteran on the ride even if he was an officer .

I found the whole experience exhilarating and the eclectic mix of riders from around the world a pleasure to be involved with.

Experiencing playing soccer with the kids at the blue Dragon foundation and giving them basic instruction on how to kick a ball different ways and seeing the absolute joy in their response to attention was a very special moment and a reminder at what a great charity the rally supports.

I thought the food was great the accommodation excellent and the back up crews ,mechanics and all staff willing to go that extra mile to ensure the ride was a success.

As big Arnie said:

I’ll be back.

Aidan Trend

Just a quick note to say thanks for organising our trip, we all had a fantastic time.

Your guides all did a great job.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to meet you but judging by how much the boys enjoyed the trip I’m pretty sure we will be back within the next year or two to do another one.

Carlos Munro

How are you? I hope everything is fine.

We are back in Valencia, holidays finished and we came back to our jobs.

I attach some pictures of our trip. We had an amazing experience riding with you, it was the best part of our holidays and we will never forget.

Thank you for your help, hospitality and patience. We all miss you!!

Big hug from your Spanish friends!!


Hi!!! OMG, it’s already January!! Autumn just totally disappeared from us and we’re surrounded by snow, and more snow! We haven’t emailed because we were hoping the package we sent for the guides would speak for itself. It was sent in early November……I hope it has arrived. We included all the photos from our tour.

Just in case it hasn’t arrived and you don’t know how much we LOVED our trip, let me tell you……….we are still talking about it, we’re a little in shock that we were really there, and, WOW, what an AMAZING time!!!! Everytime we talk about it, it’s like we’re reliving it. It was absolutely the most incredible thing we have ever done together. Ever.

And, we’re hoping you can please help us out………we would love to buy some more of the Exploreindochina long-sleeve shirts. Is it possible to do this? We’re looking for a size 2x and a 4x. Please let me know if so, and how much.

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Lyndsay & Margaret Read

I would like to thank you for organising our ride through the north of Vietnam and for getting us through the tour all safe and in one piece.

What a great experience it was for us. The country has amazing views no matter where you look from.

As a female on the trip, it couldn’t have been better.

The riding was great for the times we were on the bikes.

The two drivers Han and Lap were fantastic. They were very accommodating to all us girls, whether is was stopping for photos or taking us to a spot just to look at the views. \

There was never a dull moment on the trip. This has been a very well worth trip to do in your country and we highly recommend it to any one. We have some great photos for our memories. Thanks again.