Laos. Vietnam. The Himalayas.

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Laos. Vietnam. The Arctic. The Himalayas.

Himalayan High

Explore the Highest Roads on the Planet

  • price from US$4,100
This bucket-list adventure is for experienced riders keen to cruise some of world’s most remarkable roads. You’ll be free to ride at your own pace by following an informative route booklet and smartphone app. A large support team will accompany the expedition and the route is specially designed to acclimatize you to the extreme altitudes.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Laos

Conquer the Infamous Blood Road

  • price from US$3,200
This adventure is only suitable for experienced dirt bikers who want to test their skills on the original cobblestoned Ho Chi Minh Trail through impoverished regions still blighted by unexploded ordnance. Digby Greenhalgh, whom the BBC has hired two times to guide film crews down the Ho Chi Minh Trail on both sides of the border, personally leads all tours.

Mongolia Mystery

Explore the Unchartered Homeland of Chinggis Khan

  • price from US$3,750
In East Mongolia, the freedom to roam is unparalleled. There are no fences or borders to hinder your journey. Want to explore that distant mountain or forest – veer off the road and head straight there. With boundless landscapes and endless possibilities, Explore Indochina motorcycle adventures ensure an unforgettable experience.

You’ll walk the ground where Temüjin (later Chinggis Khan) grew up, married his wife Borte, and escaped from slavery before becoming the man who changed the course of world history. You’ll visit his place of birth, the ground on which he was coronated, and where he fought his first battles against his arch-rival Jamukha.

You’ll be amazed by the abundance of wild and domestic animals roaming the vast plains. Apart from the incredible annual gazelle migration in the Toson Kulstai National Park, you’ll pass herds of goats, sheep, horses, yaks and wild camels while the skies are full of eagles, hawks, and vultures. With most days spent off-road and nights in traditional ger camps, you’ll genuinely experience Mongolia in a way few have.

Mongolia Magic

Explore the Wild Frontier of the Open Steppes

  • price from US$4,550
West Mongolia grants riders unparalleled freedom to journey where they desire, from rocky paths to sandy trails, crossing waterways and speeding across grass plains. Explore Indochina adventures are an epic off-road experience for bikers, offering pure air, vivid landscapes, and a unique blend of history and natural beauty. Ride through endless grassy steppes, encounter wild horses, camels, and yaks, and discover a peaceful retreat from the chaos of modern life.

Riding freely in a country without restrictions is a remarkable experience. Enjoy serene forests, expansive grasslands, tranquil lakeshores, dormant volcanos, and vast sand dunes. Mongolia, a land without boundaries, offers thousands of square kilometres of stunning landscapes, beckoning you to rev your engine and ride and ride.

Explore Indochina has meticulously crafted a sprawling loop that showcases the best of Mongolia’s awe-inspiring landscapes, such as Khovsgol Lake, White Lake, Khongno Khan Mountain and the Orkon Valley. Immerse yourself in this remarkable country’s rich culture and untouched beauty, staying in traditional gers and savouring every moment of this unforgettable journey.


Snowmobile to the Top of the World

  • price from 4,560 EUR
Ride a snowmobile across the wild country of northern Sweden, Norway and Finland as you pass the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea. Start with a dogsled ride to a famous ice hotel and enjoy the pristine nature found in the tri-border area of these three Nordic countries. Watch arctic wildlife such as reindeer, foxes, moose and snow grouse, try your luck at ice fishing in mountain rivers and lakes, enjoy gourmet Laplander food cooked outdoors on open fires, and be amazed by the Northern Lights in complete silence with no light pollution.

Border Crawl

Vietnam's Amazing Mountainous Frontier

  • price from US$1,280
With a seemingly endless succession of passes and plateaus, this ride strikes through breathtaking mountain scenery populated by hill tribe peoples from many different groups. The ride takes in the famous limestone karst scenery north of Cao Bang, the giant mountains looming over Xin Man, the beautiful Ba Be lake and the stunning Ha Giang province, the most beautiful area in Vietnam. We ride up the highest and most impressive passes in Vietnam and pass hill tribe communities that rarely see outsiders.

Border to Beaches

Cruise the Summit to the Sea

  • price from US$2,750
Vietnam is a country of fascinating contrasts, ranging from remote, lofty mountains to busy coastal fishing towns, past deserts, jungles and endless rice fields. This spectacular drive begins near the Chinese border on top of the county’s highest mountains, where some of the most fantastic rice terracing occurs, and passes through remote communities of hill tribe people unfamiliar with the outside world. As you head further southwards, besides enjoying incredible driving, deep in the Vietnamese countryside, you’ll have time to take in the former imperial capital of Hue, the ancient trading town of Hoi An, the World Heritage-listed Phong Nha Cave and Khe Bang National Park, the Khe Sanh battle site, the Vinh Moc Tunnels, Red Beach, Vietnamese war museums and the DMZ. This ride is the best of both worlds!